Paris Games Week shop

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Discover the list of products you can find in the Paris Games Week shop and leave with a souvenir of this Restart edition!

You can buy the products when you buy your PGW ticket. The products will also be available for sale on site.

T-shirt long sleeves restart (navy blue colour): Collector's T-Shirt long sleeves Paris Games Week Restart

T-shirt short sleeves restart (navy blue colour): Collector's T-Shirt short sleeves Paris Games Week Restart

T-shirt PGW short sleeves (white coulour) : Short sleeve t-shirt #PGW white

T-shirt PGW short sleeves (black coulour) : Short sleeve t-shirt #PGW black

Mouse Pad: Paris Games Week Restart Mouse Pad

Tote bag: Paris Games Week Restart Tote bag 

The bottle: Paris Games Week Restart bottle

The cap : #PGW cap

The key ring: Keyring #PGW