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France Télévisions is France's leading audiovisual group in terms of audience (29.1% audience share in the 4+ age group in 2021) and includes :
- 1 video platform france.tv and a full range of thematic digital offerings (news, youth, sport, culture, education, overseas)
- 4 national television channels: France 2, France 3, France 4/Culturebox, France 5
- 1 global continuous news medium on all media: France info
- 2 networks: 24 regional antennas in metropolitan France (France 3) and 9 global TV/radio/web media in overseas France (les 1ère)
France Télévisions occupies a prominent place in the French audiovisual landscape: 4 out of 5 French people watch France Télévisions every week, on all screens.

Since 2011, France Télévisions has developed 5 thematic services corresponding to the cardinal missions of the public service: news, sport, culture, education and youth. Increasingly supported by mobile and social network offerings, these services offer specific innovative features: multi-camera, 360° video, new video formats adapted to social networks, etc.

France Télévisions' YouTube chanel  | More informations : francetelevisions.fr