Cosplay back at Paris Games Week!

Groupe de jeunes en cosplay d'Akatsuki Naruto

Paris Games Week has always been a showcase for activities revolving around video games and pop culture. Cosplay (a contraction of "costume" and "play") has been a key part of the show for several years now.

PGW Cosplay Championship 

France cosplay and Imagin Con will be organising a prestigious competition to reward the best cosplayers. It will take place on the PGW x Fnac Stage and will be a highlight of the show not to be missed.

If you're a cosplayer, come and play your favourite character at the PGW Cosplay Championship!

Up to 5 prizes awarded for a total value of €10,000! The grand final will take place on La Scène PGW with FNAC on Sunday 5 November from 17:00 to 18:30.

I'd like to register for the PGW Cosplay Championship

*Registration open from 6/10/23 at 8pm to 20/10/23 at 11.59pm.


The Cosplay Village at PGW! Activities and events not to be missed

Throughout the show, Imagin Con will be offering a wide range of activities.

Meet the cosplayers

Groupe de 3 jeunes en cosplay de Halo, Overwatch, league of legends

Several cosplayers dressed in their costumes will be on the stand to answer all your questions and share their passion with you.

Discovery workshops

Femme peignant des miniatures de Dragon Ball Z pour un décor, lors d'une convention

If you'd like to get behind the scenes and get hands-on, Imagin Con will be offering workshops to create your own objects/accessories. You'll be able to take home with you a souvenir that might just spark off a new passion.

A photo area

Jeune femme en cosplay de Genshin Impact devant un fond aux logo Paris Games Week

Are you a cosplayer? Take a photo shoot and immortalise your costume through the lens of a professional photographer, and get some great shots.

Costume exhibition

Groupe de 4 personnes assisses autour d'une table avec deux manequins habillés en cosplay en arrière plan

The most beautiful creations will be on display, providing an opportunity to appreciate the meticulousness, attention to detail and, above all, the creativity and hard work of the artists.

Photo exhibition

As well as the actual costumes on show, you can also admire some wonderful shots of other cosplayers.

Cosplay: a multi-faceted artistic passion at PGW 2023

Groupe de 3 femmes en cosplay du jeu Genshin Impact posant dans la Paris Games Week pour une photo

Behind this creative hobby are fans of video games, manga, TV series and films, who bring their favourite heroes and characters to life. It takes a lot of time to imagine and design the costumes of their idols, as well as working on make-up, hairstyles and accessories. For the most complex creations, it's not uncommon for these enthusiasts to learn and master the skills of the great artistic techniques to reproduce their heroes' costumes with extreme meticulousness. Some can even make bespoke objects and accessories to match the character's original design.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of hours are often required to produce the most accomplished costumes. The result is stunning, and sums up the passion that drives these artists. It's the same passion that drives the cosplayers at Paris Games Week every year. And it's a passion that's growing, as there are almost 20,000 cosplayers in France, from beginners to experts**.

Discover what goes on behind the scenes at Imagin Con

Duo de 2 femmes en cosplay d'Overwatch posant dans un salon pour une photo

Paris Games Week is proud once again to welcome Imagin Con, one of the oldest cosplay associations in France. Founded more than 10 years ago, Imagin Con has helped to develop cosplay with the aim of spreading strong values such as sharing, tolerance, diversity and inclusiveness. Cosplayers of all ages, from beginners to experts, can come and share their passion. During Paris Games Week, the Imagin Con stand will become the place to be for cosplay. There will be plenty of activities to meet cosplayers and find out more about this artistic discipline.

*5 prizes worth a total of €10,000 - 1st prize: €4,500 - 2nd prize: €3,000 - 3rd prize: €1,500 - Up to 2 special prizes awarded by the jury: €500 each.
** Data 2021