TikTok unveils its program for Paris Games Week

TikTok, a unique entertainment platform where gamers of all backgrounds, professionals and amateurs alike, Cosplayers and also those who love, from near and far, this rich and exhilarating universe can connect, support each other and share their experience and passion for culture and video games.

Thanks to its unique mobile video format, the platform opens up completely new, entertaining and even unexpected ways of talking about video games.

The videos dedicated to video games are very diverse and creative: LIVE to immerse your community in frenzied games, to unveil captivating games; to share your emotions and your vision of video game culture; or to have fun in the kitchen and make dishes based on the heroes of games...


On Wednesday, November 2nd from 5pm onwards, join us for an hour and 20 minutes of tournament action on the EA Sports FIFA 23! EA Sports FIFA 23 is the most popular simulation game of the autumn. On the main stage of the show, famous TikTok creators will compete against each other: @luttilutti will be in charge of this live event with @Deujna (1.5M subscribers), @Epsylone (2.2M subscribers), @hoani_b (1.1M subscribers) and @anttonracca (4M subscribers) as opponents. The tournament will also be broadcast live on TikTok. Surprise for all football lovers, TikTok will be happy to welcome Omar da Fonseca who will host this exceptional tournament!

Exclusivities to test

Throughout the show, the TikTok stand will be offering game terminals to allow visitors to try out exclusive new games that fans have been waiting for. Visitors to the show will be able to explore the levels of Sonic Frontiers, Street Fighter 6,Gotham Knights.

Throughout the week, eight of the gaming community's most iconic TikTok creators are invited to do live livestreams from Paris Games Week: @AnttonRacca, @Epsylone, @Deujna, @Littlebigwhale, @Pirastack, @Hoani_b, @levraibouseuhh and @lutti_lutti.

Visitors will also be able to discover the famous Batcycle built by the French manufacturer Lazareth for Warner Bros Games. An opportunity to create new content

Finally, TikTok will be organising a giant treasure hunt throughout the Paris Games Week exhibition! Participants will have to search for QR codes hidden in the aisles and on the stands of TikTok's partners. Once discovered, they will simply scan them to be sent back to the platform in order to solve the various enigmas and try to win numerous gifts.